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The Big Apple Routes | 12/1977

Petition to Support of Ambassador Andrew Young:

Congressman Charles Rangel, former Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton and attorney David Dinkins have opened an office at 486 Lenox Avenue at 133rd Street as New York headquarters for a petition drive in support of Ambassador Andrew Young. The announcement by Dinkins came in the aftermath of a display of support for Ambassador Young initiated by Rev. Jesse Jackson, President of Operation PUSH. At a press conference, Rev. Jackson announced a drive to collect 400,000 signatures nationally to demonstrate the massive popularity of Ambassador Young. The UN diplomat is currently under fire from a conservative group headed by New Hampshire Gov. Meldrim Thompson Jr., seeks to collect 200,000 signatures as backing for its demand that Congress remove Mr. Young.

A WIZ Star:

The first time I saw Curtis Price was when he was playing Nelson Thomas, a character in Fat Tuesday, a musical directed by Roger Furman of the New Heritage Theatre. I said to myself that’s a fine brother who is not only handsome, but more importantly he’s talented. I finally got to meet Curtis and found that he’s also a very warm, sensitive and intelligent young man. “I had to leave Hollywood and come to New York to get my head together. Hollywood’s fine, but it’s really a lot of make believe, kind of phony, if you understand what I mean. I love acting, but I really want to sing,” relates Curtis. This is not such a far fetched idea considering his rock and roll experience.

Curtis is now scheduled to appear in the movie The Wiz which is being filmed here in New York. “I’m not a dancer, but I’m going to play a model in Emerald City and it requires some dancing.

“But with the dynamite cast they have, a person can probably do almost anything” says Curtis. Some of the dynamic cast members to which Curtis refers are Diana Ross, Lena Horne, Michael Jackson, Ted Ross, Nipsey Russell, Richard Pryor and Mabel King. In the company of such great names Curtis understandably feels this will be his big break. We can’t wait to find out if he’s right.


World Famous jazz musician Oscar Peterson has been engaged to compose his first motion picture score for The Silent Partner, a psychological thriller starring Elliott Gould, Christopher Plummer and Susannah York currently shooting on location here. Peterson, a Toronto resident, has been hailed as one of the world’s finest jazz pianists ever since his memorable American debut at Carnegie Hall in 1950. Over the years he has recorded with such musical greats as Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and has toured extensively on five continents. Peterson is the recipient of 12 Playboy Awards for being “the musicians’ musician,” 12 Downbeat Awards, a Grammy, the Gold Disc from Japan and the Medal of Service of the Order of Canada.

HALL OF FAME: Negro Leagues

BASEBALL’s Hall of Fame will remain open to players from the old Negro Leagues in addition to major league players who have been retired for 25 or more years. Also players with at least 10 years in the Negro Leagues or a combination of 10 years in the Negro and major leagues.

FAMILY AFFAIR: Child Co-star on the Serials

Todd Bridges, child co-star on the serials Fish and Little House on the Prairie, has a whole family full of models and actors. His mother in particular has made guest appearances on Policewoman, Police Story, Charlie’s Angels and Good Times (she’s the one J.J. painted wearing a bathing suit). In addition to this, the entire family (mother, father, sister and brother) have appeared in a Jell-O TV commercial.

BITS & PIECES: Stevie Wonder, Cleo Laine, Dorothy Dandridge

Singer-composer Stevie Wonder has been signed by CBS-TV to star in his own Christmas special. Cleo Laine is being considered to play Dorothy Dandridge in an upcoming movie based on Miss Dandridge’s life. Yet another all-Black version of a previously all-white film: The Sunshine Boys, which won for George Burns an Oscar as Best Actor is now being planned as a remake with Redd Foxx and Scatman Crothers in the title roles. Cleavon Little who divides his time between theatre and films has been signed for a starring role in Universal’s FM. Cleavon won the Tony for Best Actor in the musical Purlie. He also starred in Blazing Saddles and Cotton Comes to Harlem.

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