Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

Guest of the Publisher | 1978-2-1

This is the month of Love. As you walk along the routes to Love, perhaps looking and longing for the heart and hand of a friend, you must pause for a moment and remember that there is an art to Love — this wonderful gift must be shared!

When you carry Love with you wherever you go, it is unlikely that you will have a loveless encounter.

The present unloving condition of the world should not keep you from sharing the gift; in fact, it should be an incentive. You’ll learn that as you look with Love at the world around you, Love will smile back, will reach out a hand, will open its heart.

The world of ROUTES wants to share the gift of Love with you, our readers. We want to continue to be your Valentine for as long as you’ll let us.

Iris Prout Edmead, godmother o f the publisher, is a Brooklyn housewife born in Trinidad.

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