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Publisher’s Statement |1994-1

Ronald bunn 1978

On May 19th, ROUTES reaches a milestone: we will enter our fourth year of continuous publishing. It has not been easy to keep ROUTES coming your way with regularity, but the rewards have been big — not financially, because we are still not making a profit, but in terms of response from you, the reader and subscriber. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear some word of encouragement, and that is the grist that keeps this mill turning, feel privileged to be at the helm of this publishing adventure, and I am grateful to the many of you who make it possible for us to keep going. I am of course particularly proud to be the catalyst for a publication that celebrates the vast achievements of African-Americans. Let us never forget that we have painted bold strokes on the international canvas — our creativity has inspired people in every comer of this world, and even those who would regard us with disdain have in some way benefited from our ideas. We can walk tall when we know who we are and what we have achieved; I hope Routes has contributed to that knowledge.

Apropos contributions, if you wish to help us celebrate this anniversary, I suggest once again that subscribers renew, extend or make a gift of ROUTES. Of course, if you are not already a subscriber, there could be no better time to come aboard.

On June 1st, we will celebrate our anniversary in a wonderful setting, right in the heart of Manhattan’s theatre district. B. Smith’s, a restaurant that many of you are probably familiar with, has offered to host our party. This fine restaurant has supported us from the beginning, and we couldn’t think of a better place to have our “do.” Actor/Songwriter Joe Seneca has agreed to be the chairperson of this ROUTES event, and you may contact Kimm Farrish at (212) 243-4967 for further information.

Also in this issue: Step Brother Maceo Anderson

See the complete issue of ROUTES, A Guide to Black Entertainment May 10, 1994, as PDF.