Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

2 thoughts on “President Barack Obamas Farewell Letter

  1. A historical happening. Salute to the now former president who tried to the best that he could in the face of political opposition that at times destroyed and maligned what could and should have been in far too many instances to remember. Mr. President, enjoy your time away from the pressure cooker of adverse “poly-tricks” with your beautiful family. You “did” the best that you could when the deck was obviously stacked against you, and the nation and the politically correct world appreciates what you did in many instances. May God Alone be with the Obama family, a true American dynasty. Peace.

  2. I LOOOVED that you published our 44th President Barack Obama’s Farewell Speech. BRILLIANT IN EVERY WAY. Just like he is. What GRACE, INTEGRITY, STYLE AND

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