Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

2 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal describes her unapologetic African Identity

  1. A very interesting issue about one’s race, ethnicity and identity. Maybe, everyone needs to take a hint and note that Africa, the original Motherland, is “the mother” of all “hue-mans” period. Mr. Bunn raises a sensitive inquiry that should make a lot of folk think about racial politics. In any case, this story cannot simply be swept away. It will and possibly register with many inquiring minds for sometime. America is a racially divided country in so many norms, and it looks like it will become more so in the future. It’s a more than an isolated, good for thought discussion, especially with so many confused multiracial claimants who are identifying with either this or that.

  2. WHO has the Power to define what ‘Black’ is about. And WHO passes??..(asks a woman of Creole and Polish-Jewish Heritage)

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