Barbara B. Lewis – ROUTES by Ronald Bunn

Remembering Muhammad Ali, “…my honor as a black boy had been defended, my honor as a human being …”

“I’ve got another Joe Louis,” his father, Cassius Clay, exclaimed, full of pride, the first time he saw his young namesake fight, and he was both right and wrong. His son, who later decided to change his name to Muhammad … Read More

Today’s Renaissance Woman, Barbara Lewis Talks with Today’s Renaissance Man, Playwright Laurence Holder (Part I)

Your work fascinates me, Laurence, because it is so strong in history. It brings what was into now, but that history is not always appreciated.

“Your reading is dead on, Barbara. The reason why I’m interested in African American history is because our tales are not told. I was just talking on the phone with a friend and we were amazed that Prince and Michael Jackson coexisted at the same time, doing all of the fantastic music and creating music at the same time. Our artistry and our stories are always being separated out.”

“Wylie Avenue Views” – Robbie McCauley, Award-Winning Actress

“Learning and Talking More with Robbie McCauley”, Part II   “Everything to you is jazz. Me I’m classical,” Robbie McCauley’s daughter, composer Jessie Montgomery,,,  says in Jazz ‘n Class, a meditation on an artist-to-artist familial bond of performers in different … Read More

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