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April 25, 2016
Dear Friends and Supporters,
New York City wouldn’t be the greatest place on earth without its incredible cultural organizations. But that legacy doesn’t just happen. It takes a commitment from all New Yorkers – and especially our leaders – to keep it great.
Simply put, without funding from the City, New Heritage Theatre Group the Harlem Arts Alliance, and other cultural treasures would face an uncertain future. We need your help to make sure that never happens.
Right now, City Hall is deciding whether or not to use part of its surplus to keep cultural organizations accessible for all New Yorkers, and we need to make sure they do the right thing!
Tell Mayor de Blasio: I’m inspired by New Heritage Theatre Group, the Harlem Arts Alliance and other cultural groups and I support more funding for culture in New York!
Please go to New York City inspires/Petition and sign to show your support.
We’re proud to provide places and programming where every single New Yorker can enjoy the best in Black Theater and programming that supports the history and culture of Harlem and beyond.
Our efforts to inspire and support new and emerging artists as well as shaping the cultural landscape of artists in the Harlem community and support and preserve classic works of Black theater start right here in the Big Apple – and the city’s support is essential.
Mayor de Blasio is finalizing his next budget, and we are seeking a funding increase of $40 million to support the 1,500+ cultural organizations in New York City. That’s less than 1% of the overall budget, a small price to pay to keep the groups that inspire us strong and to keep New York the cultural capital of the world. 
Let City Hall know that you’re inspired by programs that New Heritage Theatre Group, the Harlem Arts Alliance and other cultural organizations present, and that you want New York’s culture to keep thriving for generations to come.

Ask the mayor to increase funding today.

Click here to sign petition NEW YORK CITY INSPIRES/#PETITION
Thanks for doing your part to support New Heritage and other cultural groups that are essential to this city. Future New Yorkers will thank you for helping to keep their city great.
Voza Rivers, Executive Producer New Heritage Theatre Group
Chairman, Harlem Arts Alliance

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