3 thoughts on “Art: Lisa DuBois’ “If You Hear the Dogs”

  1. Lisa DuBois has created an intriguing interpretation of the soul and spirit of the great Harriet Tubman. I have had the privilege of following the Underground Railroads freedom rails from a secret basement in Brandywine through Pennsylvania and above the Mason Dixon line; into the safe retreat of a church sanctuary in Brooklyn Heights ending the Trail in Nyack New York. Lisa’s work represents the bravery and spirit of Ms Tubman’s midnight journey to Northern emancipation in a clear an vocal work of art. Ms DuBois composition is Truly inspirational.

    1. thank you – for your comment – I appreciate you sharing your experience with us .
      your travels seem to make you aware of just how important Harriet Tubman is. I look forward to seeing her on a 20 dollar bill !

  2. Lisa has a unique and powerful way of displaying the world to others. Harriet Tubman’s strength and determination shine brightly when portrayed by Lisa.

    She is a true master of art and inspiration. From the shorelines of Cuba to the heart of New Orleans and New York.

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