2 thoughts on “Where Have All the People Gone

  1. Having been born and raised in NYC, I can’t imagine it being empty, though I do recall faint memories of some of those New York streets being empty in the wee small hours of the morning – just as the sun is rising. I remember the air smelling so good then. Anyway, this article reminds me of a movie I saw once called A THOUSANDS CLOWNS, staring Jason Robards. The first five minutes of the film shows empty NYC streets, then Robards tells a kid, “In a moment you are going to see a horrible thing. People going to work.” Suddenly the street are full of thousands of people marching to work to the sound of a marching band. It’s hilarious. It also takes all the romance out of crowded NYC streets. Anyway, the author may be surprised to learn that many New Yorkers may keep teleworking and never return to that rush-hour march.

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