Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

10 thoughts on “Publicist Barbara Harris – A Class of Her Own

    1. Totally agree!!! Barbara is a dear friend and a most special person. She sees the light in everyone and it is reflected back to her. God bless her!!!

  1. My mother and I met you some years ago. Little did I know the extent of your music background. It would be great to sit down with you and share some memories I have of people you know.

  2. Barbara is my friend and I have so enjoyed reading this article. I once told her many years ago, what a beautiful soul she was.

  3. Barbara you are simply grand! It was only natural you chose “fashion” as a second career. You have always dressed well… and with thought!
    Thanks for touching my life.
    Evonne Swann

  4. What an epic article on Barbara! She’s a legend and I didn’t know. We shared the same hair stylist and we became friends 40 years ago! All those years she remained, cool, calm, and classy! What a fashion icon and she still is. So honored to call her my friend. Love you always Barbara.

  5. And there we were, my Dear Barbara, Italy, 1974, I think, at the Airport. I said to Ed Montgomery, “look at that fabulous woman” you in motion, heading for cab, lots of great hair, L.V. luggage, (lots of that), and little did I know we’d meet that night at the dinner of a mutual friend!!! And we’ve been meeting and enjoying
    mutual friends ever since!!!

  6. Oh, Barbara, well done,
    but that doesn’t capture the half of. I have a photo of you at my wedding back in 1971.
    You looked like a fashion model.

  7. It was wonderful reading this fabulous interview that David conducted with the. Magnificent Barbara J. Harris. Barbara and I met in 1973. She invited me to the Grammy
    Awards and it was a magical experience.
    She and I have remained friends, she continues to contribute to all of us that call on her for her expertise.
    Jennifer Davis-Paige
    President, Boom Goddess Radio .com

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